Miss G (frailsisterhood) wrote,
Miss G

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Today is turning into a fucking gayfest. I'm fed up with being let down and taken advantage of. The consequences of which TODAY are a)absolutely no fucking money. No, not a penny for the strawberry fair. And b)Tom's in London with no way of getting here because some TWATS think tht going out and taking 500 pills the night before they're meant to be driving a full car to Cambridge is fine.

Its Geordie's birthday and she's just rung me up in tears, also with minimal cash and now having to get a train on her own due to aforesaid cock up.

The sun's just come out. So at least I won't be wet and sober.

I can now either sit here in my towel all day and cry about how much I hate everyone. Or I could get dressed, raid my mums alcohol cupboard and see how battered I can get before getting the bus. With my last pennies, which I had to borrow off my sister which is fucking lame of me.

over and out.
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