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frailsisterhood's Journal

Miss G
13 January
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Who would youuuuu like to put in G'S CELEBRITY BUS CRASH???
28 days later, a streetcar named desire, alcohol, alexander mcqueen, alice in wonderland, american beauty, amores perros, angelina jolie, audrey hepburn, bandages, beautiful people, being bitten, being naked, being touched by tom, bitching, biting, blue veins, bodies, bondage photography, breasts, burlesque, camden, chas ray krider, christina aguilera, clubbing, corset training, corsetry, corsets, crying, curls, dancing, darenzia, dita von teese, eddie izzard, enya, erotica, eyeliner, fabric live, fabric london, fabriclive, fairy lights, fashion, fashion design, fetish, fetish photography, fight club, fishnets, freckles, fucking, henry's wonderful family, high heels, hip bones, inner sanctum, james & james, jean paul gaultier, jeremy beadle's hand, johnny depp, jon and adam, kate scott, kissing, kittens, kylie, latex, le petit mort, leg warmers, leopard print, life is beautiful, lingerie, lithium picnic, long eyelashes like tom's, long fingernails, lords of acid, lust, machina's boobs, madonna, make-up, massive attack, me, men, mickey and mallory, ms persephone, music, necks, nipples, no doubt, nurses, one model place, opera gloves, oral sex, papagaeio, parcels addressed to me, petticoats, photography, piercings, play piercing, playing god, prodigy, queen adreena, red, red lips, red nails, romeo and juliet soundtrack, rubber, run lola run, scarification, scratching, seamed tights, septum piercings, sex, sex shops, sexuality, shakespeare, shaved, shaved bodies, shavenness, shopping, showers, sleeping, smoking, smooth skin, snake river conspiracy, snow white, soho, spines, stretching, stroking, swearing, system of a down, tattoos, the chronicles of narnia, the fifth element, the rain, the rubber ball, thora birch, tiny waists, tom, tom waits, tom's arms, tom's back, tom's beautiful face, tool, touching, true romance, vintage clothes, vintage medical equipment, vivien leigh, women, wonderful henry, wrists, zoey