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I'm feeling very positive this morning, I managed to be super productive yesterday- today I'm going to sew up my second toille in preperation for the deadline on Friday.

ALSO it is TOM and my 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY today and that makes me SO happy times a hundred million.  I can't wait until we actually move into a SWEET house next year, and don't have to make do with this gay ass student accommodation of TINYNESS.  Raa, I love Tom HARD.

Here are two more from that shoot the other week:


If anyone cares you can go here and see 3 more of the nipple tassel ones.  Everyone loves nipple tassels, whats not to love?

I'm going to go and do lots of exercises now because I fear the flab.

WAIT, are magic mushrooms now class A or is edushku talking utter wank?  I don't understand why they would be...I'm sure someone like technotom will come along and explain it allllllllllllllll to me in about 3 minutes.
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